Mintly rewarded with Facility Security Clearance


Mintly has been awarded a Facility Security Clearance, FSC, through the process initiated by the Finnish Defense Forces.  on May 15, 2018.

Facility Security Clearance is based on a number of security domains, such as information security, administrative security, personnel security and physical security. In addition to the auditing process, personal security clearances of the responsible persons of Mintly and the comprehensive evaluation of Mintly’s security level were included as part of the company’s security report.

A Facility Security Clearance can be awarded to a Finnish company contracting with a public organization if classified information is being processed. The Facility Security Clearance certificate is an important and appreciated acknowledgment to Mintly and demonstrates us as a trusted and secure partner to act with our private and public sector customers.

Based on the Security Clearance Act of 2015, Finnish Defense Forces will audit companies and require Facility Security Clearance qualifications from companies acting with them or participating in their projects and processes.