Network devices produce the required value for our customer when the devices are tuned to fit the existing environment and brought to production with minimal downtime.

IT Networks and Information Security Solutions

The implementation of data networks and data security solutions, integration with existing IT infrastructures and ensuring the device and service reliability during their lifespan require independent expertise.

The needs of our clients change, their businesses grow, applications and data are moved to the cloud. Old solutions reach the end of their commercial or technical life. At this stage new, intelligent, secure, reliable and innovative solutions are needed.

Competent, Independent IT Network Company

Mintly is the most competent independent IT network company in Finland. Customer solution are carried out as phased projects, which involves our customer, Mintly and the selected hardware and software manufacturers.

The foundation of our business is a high customer satisfaction – Customers recommending us to each others is our goal.


Before initiating a project, we ensure it’s success with an in-depth planning and defining the desired outcome –¬†keeping the budget in mind.

Technical plan or Designs create the basis for the next steps of the project. It also provides a common vision for the activities and drill down plans on the next steps of the project.

The independence from telecoms operators and traditional service agents makes Mintly a partner whose experts are trusted advisors and architects for our customers in designing and deploying IT networks and infosec solutions to tackle the cyber threats.


The tasks in the installation and deployment phases vary a lot, depending on the nature of the project.

A network renovation, or transformation project, differs from a transition project. However, the outcome of both project must be high-performing and secure implementation, the devices must be installed and configured.


Every technical device needs regular maintenance.

IT network must be optimised and information security gears must be tuned: performance measurements to reveal bottlenecks or software updates to eliminate unpredictable issues. Also, an inventory is needed to find the obsolete equipment or missing security updates.

Support Contact with Mintly?

If you have an issue in your network and have a support contract with use do not hesitate to call or mail.